How Does Your LOSO Garden Grow?


After I adapted to a LOSO diet and removed the flavor mash called salt from my foods, I learned one thing. Nothing tastes better then "Farm to Table" foods. I always liked to grow a garden, although it was small and without thought I satisfied my somewhat green thumb. Then starting on my LOSO journey I had to ditch the canned veggies and go to frozen to avoid the sodium. I was amazed at the taste difference I didn't know existed. Then going from frozen to fresh was an even bigger revelation. 

Besides my new love of fresh fruits and veggies also came the idea that we (the LOSO community) as a whole use a lot of spices to boost flavor and compensate for lack of salt. Lets add to this, spices are very expensive. So with the idea of farm to table in mind I decided to build a garden that would assist me in my LOSO journey.  I must say in advanced, I am a novice gardener and can only research answers to gardening questions like soils, growing seasons, feeding etc. My experience comes from what I have done and the results I have gotten. I can plan a garden to maximize space and get you what you will need the most of.
Those of you in the southern areas will have a much longer growing season and can do or grow things we can't in the Great Northeast.

I don't have a a lot of land to plant my garden, so please don't think I have this big spread of land that I "farm", I don't, my garden is a meager, 10' x 5' of my yard. Even if you are relegated to a window or box garden you can still grow key foods and spices for your LOSO diet that are super fresh and especially in the case of spices, save you money. 

So, what to plant. The easy answer is. What do you like? Perhaps you have a favorite veggie or spice you use all the time. Or maybe you use a spice blend to create a flavor profile like a Southwestern blend or an Italian spice medley. Maybe your like me and love hot peppers. This is the cool part, you grow what you like. There are some spices I don't care how good you are, you can't grow like cinnamon and saffron. But, for the most part you can grow the majority of spices you use most often. 

I have about 7-8 spices I use lot that I grow. They are:

You can make a spice chart for yourself and grow the spices you use most. Like this example I use to make make different spice blends.
This is just an example but the choice of blends is solely yours and the combinations are endless.

As for veggies, I love peppers, both sweet and hot. I grow some every year. My number one choice of peppers is jalapeno. This is my "go to" for everything that needs some heat. My friends call my love of hot peppers, my "new salt". I will also grow a few super hots like Ghost and Carolina Reapers to make sauces and pepper mashes.

So peppers are on my list and so are tomatoes. In salads, just plain with some vinegar, to cook with, you name it. I use a lot of tomatoes on any given week and they grow great for me. At the end of the season I can turn them into sauces, or purees.
I am growing horseradishes  and ginger root, but I was told to let them mature a season or 2 until I harvest so I haven't dug any up yet but I am excited to see how they turn out. My other favorite veggies to grow in the small space I have is of all things cucumbers. I use very inexpensive "pasture fence" to let them grow up and not "out" to overtake the garden and it works pretty good.

One thing I have learned by starting a garden is that it will give you a huge  morale boost of doing something meaning-full post medical event. It did for me. I look forward to my garden now and I get a lot of satisfaction planting, working and harvesting it every year. I not only save money, and eat well, but it makes me feel good about me and what I can do for myself and my LOSO lifestyle. If you have ideas or stories about your own gardens and what you grow for your LOSO lifestyles, please feel free to post them below in the comment section.

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