The Essential LOSO Pantry Part 1 (My Pantry)


Part 1 is all about my basic pantry includes, Part 2, I ask you to comment below and add what your pantry "go-to's" are and why, I will then add them into the second part and give you a shout out.

When I first started my LOSO journey I learned as much as I could about what foods I could have and which were off limits. Then I started cooking everything from scratch to make sure I was strictly following my doctor's sodium guidelines. It was educational for sure. One thing I learned was, I was still working a 40 + hour work week and cooking everything from scratch just wasn't feasible. I still take the time on weekends to cook from scratch but I needed a way to eat great tasting food during weekdays that could be made quicker and easier.

So as I starting to change my way of thinking about meals. I started to actively search for "from scratch" alternatives. Much to my surprise there was more available locally then I thought and basically the sky's the limit if you purchase online. My new LOSO mission was to stock my pantry with my new "go-to's"

First was to have a good red sauce. I was making mine from almost scratch using NSA tomato sauce or puree and building it from there. Then I found Francesco Rinaldi's NSA pasta sauce. This sauce puts you at 75% complete for a sauce instead of 25% the way I was doing it. You can use it straight from the jar or add your own flavors to finish it off. I also use it as a base to all the recipes that call for a red pasta sauce like pizza or steak sandwiches.

The next item I added was NSA broths and bouillons. I wanted to have a stock of different broths on hand to make soup and sauces for different meals, or to create added taste to a spice build. I found 2 companies that offered what I was looking for. Herb Ox offers chicken and beef bouillon in both packets or loose in a jar. I pair this with Kame Japanese Noodles to make my own loso version of Ramen Noodles. Great for a quick lunch and only about 100 mg per bowl. I also recommend adding them to your pantry as well. I also use as a spice in different recipes to really bring up flavors.

The other broth/stock I highly recommend is a  couple of boxes of the liquid type broth.  My favorite is from a company called Swanson. They make an unsalted Broth and Stock version of chicken. There was a beef version but since the pandemic it has become hard to find. The are great for soups, gravy and use in recipes like the faux soy sauce on this site. A quick both Chicken and Beef the broth version is much much lower in sodium then the stock version be careful when selecting.

Nothing to me tastes better then garden fresh veggies. However nothing is quicker and easier to prepare then canned veggies. During a busy week I do need a quicker way and these items in my pantry are just the ticket. We were told that canned food is a no-no. But these NSA offerings are tasty alternatives during a busy week that are very low in sodium straight from the can and without washing and soaking.

I also keep some spice builds and powders in jars in my pantry. They are just home made recipes or store bought to have on hand if you want to make something quick. A good example of a spice build is the recipe on this site to made LOSO Ranch dip/dressing. it is a powder and spice dry mix that you add to wet ingredients to make a sauce, dip, or dressing. I also keep an item called "Nutritional Yeast" in my pantry. It is actually a flavor enhancer an not a cooking yeast. It adds a cheesy/buttery flavor to foods. I use it in sauces or in faux cheese sauce recipes to punch up the cheese flavor. It is also great sprinkled on fresh popcorn. There is another delicious cooking powder that I also recommend and that is Umami Mushroom Blend. It is an amazing powdered mushroom spice blend that can give you a great alternative to the chick or beef broth flavoring or just add a earthy mushroom flavor to foods you already like.

That's my basic panty includes. I am constantly looking for and adding to this list. I'm sure you are also. Let's help everyone out and take away my favorites and for part 2 comment below and add your pantry "go-to's" and we can all build our inventory to better suite our individual taste, budgets and time constraints. I can't wait to here what you keep in your pantry. 



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