The Essential LOSO Pantry Part 2 (Your Pantry)


In part one of my Pantry series, I shared with you the basics of what I like in my pantry. Then I asked you what you like in your pantry, and WOW!! I got awesome responses! This diet is definitely "different strokes for different folks" and that is awesome. In part 2 I would like to share with you some of what my friends have shared with us as part of their "go-to" pantry for LOSO living.

Kristin Reeves writes:
"I keep a lot of Mrs.Dash seasoning blends on hand. Pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder are a must. I also have no salt added tomato sauce (Kroger brand) and tomatoes (Hunts) available."

Charlotte Cunningham adds to her pantry"
No salt kidney beans
No salt canned corn
No salt canned green beans
No salt Rotel
Frozen mixed vegetables, broccoli and/ or spinach
Unsalted crackers
Fresh apples
Garlic and onion powder

While Joann Principato has a favorite
"I buy a lot of Mrs Dash Teriyaki Marinade. It is especially delicious on baked potatoes."

Pamela Estepp keeps her pantry full by adding the following:
Trader Joe's No Salt Added Marinara
Whole Foods Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs
Rotel No Salt
No Salt Added tomatoes, sauce, and paste,
Pacific Food Low Sodium Chicken Broth
Great Value Unsalted Beef Broth
Starkist No Salt Added Tuna
Braggs Nutritional Yeast
Giorgio No Salt Added Canned Mushrooms
Taco Bell Hot Sauces & Taco Shells.

Kathy Angove says:
"There's also Epicure and Northwestspices for no salt sauce and mixes."

Jane Childs Carr stocks the following
La Banderita low sodium flour tortillas. Between those and the Boars Head NSA deli turkey, we can have wraps for lunch, enchiladas, etc. yay!

Will Koch's go-to is:
Coconut Aminos

First, thank you to everyone who graciously shared their wisdom here. You guys so rock!!!!

Your pantry is yours and should contain what you need to make the food you love in a LOSO style. There is no right or wrong and what one person likes another may not. When I offer the recipes on this site it's more about "Something different" or "ummm that looks good". However day in and day out we have to cook the food we are used to but in a LOSO fashion and to me it is more important to learn how to prepare food you love LOSO. Your pantry should also be what you need in this fast paced world to make life easier and weekday meal prep easier.

It's also not a bad idea, if you have people you are cooking for that are not required to eat LOSO to have some pantry items for them. Like, canned veggies, pasta sauces, regular tuna, and assorted condiments. It not only will make them happy, but could save you money as some LOSO item can cost more then their normal counterparts.

I would like to take a second and thank the following Low Sodium Communities on Facebook who's members participated in this blog.

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