The New Normal????????


So here we are now, almost 2 months into this quarantine. The one new phrase that has come from this that I actually do hate is the term "New Normal". Just by definition we better hope this isn't correct. We are all hoping that our current world is just temporary. A "new normal" suggests very long term. So we need to stop using that reference. Sorry I had to get that off my chest!  

When we have an honest life altering event such as what brings us to the need of a LOSO or medically necessary diet for basically the rest of our lives, that is a "new normal" and will require large changes and constant monitoring. What this Pandemic did for us LOSO folks was make us aware of were stand in the Food Supply Chain Cycle. But, after what we went through at some point to need a LOSO diet, this ISN'T a new normal!

Normally people that don't require sodium monitoring leave our food alone. You know the Low Sodium, No Salt specialty items such as red sauces, soup broths, condiments, cold cuts, cheeses, bread, etc. that are made for us to eat safely. Which was fine until stores starting running out of "regular" foods and everyone started buying the foods we rely on. Suddenly we found ourselves short handed on some of our favorite "go-to's". So we had to adapt, which made me glad that I took the time to learn LOSO meals that were made from scratch. It was easier to source raw ingredients then run around from store to store trying to find our "go-to's", and a lot safer. Safety was an issue, as most of us on this diet were and are considered "high risk" for the virus.

Just as I got a handle on a weekly menu that was safe and tasty, the stores started running out of staples that everyone needed. Items like instant rice, pastas, egg noodles and instant potatoes. I had some stocked, but not alot. Right away my mind goes to the socially unacceptable idea of hoarding some items if I got the chance. I am trying to not do that, but I do completely understand why someone would stock pile certain food. I'm still not sure about the whole toilet paper thing though. Fortunately I did have some more involved work-a-rounds for most of these items, like risotto rice. Yea I leaned to make Risotto, but you know what it's really tasty and I'm glad I learned. I have a pasta maker, so with some work I had pasta covered, and there is plenty of raw potatoes around to create different tater dishes. But again it was a matter of adapting.

As of this blog pasta, rice and egg noodles are still in short supply and I will grab an extra box or 2 if I come across it in the store. The one item that is still totally missing from shelves is of all things Yeast! It is very very hard to find, even on line. That means a lot of folks also went "old school" and started making their own baked goods.

So what I did learn about a LOSO Diet and all this crazyness?

1. When you learn how to be on a LOSO diet, learn how to cook from scratch, then find good tasting work-a-rounds for red sauces, broths and other normally higher sodium items.

2. keep your pantry a little more "Well stocked" then what we think is good enough. Not to excess, but enough to keep you in loso items for a few months.

3. Work on developing your taste pallet to new foods, the broader your tastes, the easier it is to find food solutions when in a pinch

4. If possible, take up gardening to grow some of your own foods like fruits, veggies and herbs. Nothing beats garden to table.

That's it for this month from my quarantine headquarters, I really really hope that my June blog is about being able to get out and finally being with friends and families, or getting a much needed hair Till then please stay safe and be well.

How Does Your LOSO Garden Grow?
It's about Loso survival!!!


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Tuesday, 16 July 2024