Who Do You Trust?


Now that we are heading into the last holiday weekend of the summer I can recall seeing numerous posts on groups and questions directly to me about eating safely at summer events such as picnics, festivals, cook-outs etc. I am inclined to asked "Who Do You Trust?

You are going to a friends house, or on vacation away from your norm. People may come up to you with a plate and say, "Oh you have to try this, Aunt Betty made it and it's delicious! Or perhaps you are at a vacation spot and go to get some food at a local market that you have never been in, or a restaurant who says they can do LOSO for you, but are unproven. It can be down right scary to eat. You may even be at home and have the same scenario arise. We are faced with a decision, stay home and eat what we know is ok for us, or live life and venture out and try to make the best decisions on what we can or should not eat based on knowledge and experience. 

We may have people in our lives, who, bless their hearts, believe they are accommodating us when they invite us to their houses for a cook out or just a night out. They truly mean well. but we can't expect them to understand what a "real" low sodium diet consists of. How many of you have heard this "I made this just for you, I didn't put any salt in it". As it turns out it was a big pot of Mac and Cheese with 4 different kinds of cheese, almost a quart of milk and has about 500mg of sodium per serving, but no salt was shaken on it at all. Or, innocently enough they are serving hotdogs and hamburgers thinking they are ok because they didn't add salt. You get my point. They are proud thinking they accommodated your needs because they "didn't add salt".  

I had 2 instances this summer myself that was the basis of this blog post. Both folks would have sworn they were doing the right thing for me, however they were both very far from actually providing a LOSO option.

Case One: I am not a beer drinker per say, but I do like to try Craft Beers as they can be very inventive and tasty. I was at a friends house and he told me he got a new craft beer for me to try, so I did. It was a chocolate, caramel craft brew, he poured me a glass and I took a sip. It tasted like I was drinking the ocean. I told him there was a lot of salt in it. He said it was actually a Chocolate, caramel, sea salt craft beer. I said you can't leave the salt part out for me. He said it wasn't really salt in the beer it was an artificial salt flavor. I politely told him I couldn't drink it and if someone had an artificial salt flavoring the LOSO world would be turned upside down. He didn't get it.

Case Two: I was invited to a cook out. I declined stating I don't like to impose on folks to cook to my needs. It's not fair to them or their other guests. About a week went by and I was asked to come a second time, this time with an explanation that my LOSO needs would be met. I was told that the hostess had gotten me chicken, but before I said ok, or asked if it was frozen, she stated that she found chicken that contained 0 (zero) sodium. I don't even want to get into the red flags that flew with that. So I had to decline a second time, politely.

Both cases the folks were very well intentioned. They believed they were doing good by me, but for my own health and safety I had to decline. This diet has more variables then a physics equation and honestly unless you are in the LOSO world you are never going to understand it. Add to that the tighter your restrictions are the more you have to ask "Who do you trust?" If you have a 1500-2000 mg per day limit you can get away with more then someone with a 1000-1500mg per day and those under 1000mg must really be on their toes even when they are cooking for themselves.

So I ask the question to you. Who Do You Trust? Do you accept invites to cook-outs and diners and how do you compensate for a host who may not understand your needs and a LOSO diet. What stories do you have about what was served to you that really wasn't acceptable for your diet restrictions. See if we can't help each other tip toe through this social awkwardness.

 Next month I will post your responses to these questions and hopefully we can find a good solution to allowing other to cook for us.


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Tuesday, 16 July 2024