Sourcing Ingredients Online

If you have access to a device that connects to the internet and a valid credit card, you will find pretty much every ingredient in a low sodium form on line. I can't tell you the long list of items I found for myself at online shopping websites. It's not just ingredient or food sources that are valuable online finds. It's also the resources that are so beneficial to you in terms of learning about low sodium diets, sodium levels in foods, new technology to help us in our quest to eat LoSo and enjoy what we are eating. Amazon is probably my most used commerce site. They really do have everything. Having an Amazon Account with a "Prime Membership" will not only save you money, but get a lot of the products you buy in your hands much quicker. As great as Amazon is they don't have everything. Be open to a search to find even better or refined deals on other sites.

The real key to having the best experience shopping for LoSo ingredients online isn't the items themselves its the protocol of standard online shopping. A well defined search will give you the best results to pick from. This means the correct "search terms" sent to Google will return the best search results. Example: If I want to see what I can get as far as Potato Chip that are low or no salt, my search would be "low sodium potato chips" if I want to know how much sodium are in regular potato chips, my query would look like "how much sodium is in potato chips". These are very simplified search terms, but in fact Google wants to give you the best answers in the form of search results to the query you entered. Be very precise, ask in a question form.

Quick Tips for Online Sourcing

1. Use very concise search words
Ask Google good questions and Google will give you good answers.

2. Use well known and trusted sites to buy from
Amazon and online retail stores like Walmart have a good reputation for online security, shop safe!

3. Make sure you can see a Nutrition Label for any item you wish to purchase
Most online stores that are "worth their salt" (pun intended) and offer low or no sodium products will include the Nutrition Label to verify the amount of , or lack sodium in their product.Make sure you see it before you click "Buy"

4. The same rating on LoSo products exsist on line as they do locally
Go back to the Local sourcing page and see that the different labels regarding what lower sodium means. Like "Reduced Sodium, "Low Sodium" they also apply to online items as well.

5. Shop Safe and always be vigilant of anything you did not sign up for.
Always be aware online, only use trusted pay methods, always select Pay Pal if it is an available option. Get and use a low balance credit/debit card not attached to any other account.

6. Make Sure You Bookmark Site you like and will visit again.
Once you start doing online searching, and buying and start collecting site you like, be sure to use your "bookmark" feature of the browser you are using to save them so they are very easy to revisit.

These are My Favorite Online informational Sites, Book Mark them and start your LoSo Library

The Health Heart Market Website.
This is the foremost LoSo Market on line. They have everything you need and will ship to you just as quick. This is the "goto" site for ingredients
Click Here


The American Heart Association Website.
There is a ton of valuebable information on this site, as you may imagine. From Exercise, to Diets and everything inbetween.
Click Here


Eat This Much Website.
I use this site all the time to find sodium levels in different foods. This a valueable resource when researching foods or ingredients.
Click Here


Hacking Salt Facebook Group.
I am a big fan of this support group when it comes to cooking and preparing foods for a LoSo diet. It is a private group and you must send a "Join Request" but it is very current with the latest food finds both online and locally.
Click Here