low sodium Tips, Hints and just common sense

7. Tips, Hints & Just Common Sense Low Sodium

Now that we covered the basics and I have shared the way I like to run my Low Sodium Diet by the way I like to eat. We are at the point where it's time for you to decide how you will create your diet to match your taste buds and needs.There are honestly no right or wrong way to create what works best for you as long as you do not exceed your daily maximum of sodium. There could very well be other factors to include in your diet. At this moment my only requirement is the sodium intake, but...

Other requirements:

You make have been told as a Diabetic, even prior to your Heart Condition that you have to follow a diet based on those needs as well.
You make have been placed on blood thinners such as Warfrin and have specific instructions to follow there.
You may have been overweight and told to diet to lose weight to regain your health.
...and so on. So there could also be other circumstances that add to how you need to create this diet. This is why I only covered the basics of a Low Sodium diet in the previous pages and also why it is extremely important to consult your Doctors, Nutritionists and Dietitians to find out exactly how you should approach this.

What will work best for you?

Scratch Method
You can most certainly make everything from scratch, eat everything you want and be totally LoSo. I tried doing this when I first started my LoSo diet. I could make my own breads and rolls and dough, my own marinara sauces, my own cooking sauces such as soy sauce etc. It was amazing how much was available to me doing it this way. I was spending my time exclusively in the kitchen, cooking for sometimes the entire weekend. This method could be tough for you if you are still working a 40 hour a week job.

The Equal Division Method
This is what, or how my sodium diet was handled when I was in the hospital. I ate 3 times a day with a 2000mg daily limit, giving me 650mg for each "feeding." The hospital cooked all meals for all patients, meaning the normal amount of sodium was used. But they understood the sodium level per portion and I got a sodium restricted meal based on those portions. It was nice to eat meals that included  buns, or rolls, cheeses and some sauces, but the smaller portions didn't work well for me, but maybe they will for you.

The 2 lights and a Heavy Method
This is just the silly name I gave this method. It is the one I currently use and it works very well for me. Because I can and like to eat a light breatfast and lunch, I save a lot of sodium points for supper. I usually have about 1,200 mg of sodium left in my budget at supper. Mostly because breafast and lunch only equal about 300 mg. I don't really shoot to use all 1200mg, but I have some "wiggle room" for supper and a snack at night without going over my daily maximum. This can work for any day and any meal. Maybe the big meal of the day will be lunch with friends, I will use the 1200 mg then and go back to the light foods for breakfast and supper. 

Be The Low Sodium Detective!

This is one of the things I really do enjoy about the LoSo Life. Finding new foods or low sodium versions of foods I love to eat. I look at all labels and I talk to everybody. I have found some amazing foods and loso solutions to foods I was currently eating. If you find even lower sodium offerings of the foods you currently eat, you can open yourself up to more sodium points to use somewhere else.