My Story
I have been asked, “when did you learn you had a heart problem”? My Answer was and still is, 2 days later when I woke up from emergency open heart surgery. Hopefully that doesn’t sound familiar, but to a lot of people, unfortunately it does.

Tuesday July 31st 2018 I came home from work just like any normal day. After dinner I decided to weed whack an embankment on our property. It is a grueling task that afterward leaves you sore in the shoulders, neck and arms. I got it finished and had something to drink. Later that night my daughter, who lives next door, popped in and told me her youngest wanted something from Burger King and asked if I wanted anything, I said “sure grab me a Whopper” So I ate that about 11:30 at night and feeling the soreness of the weed whacking I went to sleep.

About 3:30 that morning I woke up with mild heart burn. Just attributing it to the Whopper I had eaten way to late at night. I got up took some Tums and drank some cold water trying to put out the fire. I did have soreness in my shoulders and arms and just attributed it to the weed whacker, I would get the heart burn under control, and try to get back to sleep, but it kept returning. Getting a little worried I decided to take 2 baby aspirin just in case I was wrong. My wife woke up and saw me taking the aspirin and asked why I was taking them. I told her what was going on and she wasn’t buying any of that. She immediately called 911 and had an ambulance sent to our house. I told her I thought it was completely un-needed but I agreed to be checked out. I took my time, changed my clothes, got my ID and insurance card from my wallet and got ready for the ambulance. When the EMT arrived she asked me what was going on and I told her I had some “wicked” heart burn. She said, lets just go to the ER and make sure. So we walked to the Ambulance and I got in and sat down. We chatted for awhile as we were driving to the hospital and she was drawing blood and doing an EKG when I asked if I could lay down. The last thing I remember was her asking me to lift my tongue so she could but nitro tablets under it. Two days later, my Wife, who did honestly save my life, was leaning over me saying “honey, you had a massive heart attack and you had 11 hours of open heart surgery. You have a huge incision in your chest and you are in the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital. You came back as you promised, but you are very sick.

mebandThat’s how I started my Low Sodium Journey. After 30 days in SICU and a “Step-down” unit called T-1, I came home. Just being told “no more shaking salt on your food” and promptly going back to T-1 not once but twice with Pulmonary Edema (Fluid on the lungs) because I really didn’t understand a true Low Sodium life style.

My Cardio-Thoracic surgeon came in to see me and I apologized for basically over-dosing on salt. He said a patient should never apologize when there isn’t enough support to educate them. Then it dawned on me. I made it through this horrible event apparently when most people don’t. I have the skills to educate and support people just like me through a web site I could build (did I mention I'm a web developer who builds Adult training courses for business). This, I believe, is why I’m still here. Sound “corny”? Yeah it does, it does to me too. But, I’m very devoted to creating and maintaining a support system for those of us who are “LoSo” Bound. It may not be a choice, but it certainly isn’t the end of eating good, flavorful, healthy food, that is designed to keep us out of the hospital for any sodium issues that can be caused by food.

Please use this web site as a reference, a guide, a support portal and a meal planner to help you not just maintain a LoSo diet, but to actually enjoy what you are eating and make smart decisions for your health in regards to food. Look for the resource section on this page and click the links to learn what I consider the basics that are of the most importance when starting your Low Sodium Journey.


Where You Are Now

It is important to know. I am not in any way, shape, or form a trained or licensed Medical or Dietary professional, None of my advise can be considered medical or dietary consultations. Please consult your Medical Professionals if you have any questions about the information in this web site, before engaging in the suggested activities. This website and it's contents is strictly what I have learned, researched and compiled on my own to create a dietary system for my own needs.