How To Use Our Site.

Welcome to "" website. I hope you find the information educational as well as "easy-to-understand"and we can show you how to use our site. I also hope you find the recipes as amazingly flavorful as I do.
This site is FREE for anyone to use and set up an account. I will walk you through the site and sign up and show you what you can do once you have a FREE membership.

Yes, you heard right, this is a FREE site. You may sign up for an account and make use of all the user specific features having an account will allow you to access. If you wish to not have an account the information and recipes will always be available to our guest users.
To sign up: Find the "Log-In/Out" button on the top main menu, click it and create a user name and password. Use an active email for account verification. This means that what ever email you use to sign up an email will be sent to it to prove you are you. Once you click on the verification link you are all set to use the site at your discretion. You must return to the log in to sign in for the first time. The you will be able to see How to use our website.

What do I get with my account?

My Sodium Diary. Your own personal Journal on our site. No one else can see your entries, this is exclusive to your account.You can use it to take notes about the recipes, add comments for yourself, keep a Sodium Diary of the events that surround your Low Sodium Lifestyle etc.
how to use our siteMy Saved Recipes. Each account comes with a personal recipebox. Each time you are viewing a recipe and click on the "Heart" it adds it that recipe to your recipe box that you can access at anytime by logging into the site.

My Meal Planner. Plan your LoSo meals directly from the recipe section. Like a meal click on "Recipe Box" when viewing a menu and have the recipe appear in the Recipe Queue section of the Meal Planner, just click and drag a recipe to the day of the week, or month you wish to serve it and set the numbers of servings. There is a green instruction box at the bottom of the page with much more detailed instructions.

My Shopping List. When visiting a recipe that you wish to serve click the "Shopping list" Box. This will add your recipe to a shopping list broken down by ingredient. You can create a week's worth of list one recipe at a time and then print it, or send it to a smart phone to view in the store.

My Sodium Calculators. You have the use of 2 of your own sodium calculators that can help you find sodium totals, develop your own recipes and stay safe. One calculator let's you add sodium levels an ingredient at a time, then calculates the sodium total for the entire meal and also per serving to know you are hitting your target numbers. Calculator 2 will total your sodium intake for the day. It will not only give you your total, but it you let it know what your Maximum number is, it will let you know how much sodium you have left for that day.

As a courtsey for everone with an account . there is also a tab to your My Profile page so you can change log in information if you like, and also a Link to the log-in page of Tower Health's "My Chart" if you have questions about something on the site you can ask Your Health Care Team for the correct advise.

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