Where You Are Now

The American Heart Association recommends that a healthy adult eat only 2000-2300 mg of salt/Sodium per day. Most people including myself and probably you as well are/were way over that amount. Most Americans can't even take a good quess at how much salt/sodium they are taking in daily. The real number is quite staggering. Here is an example.

This is "Where you are"

You have probably eaten this very diet most of your life. It's what we did and what we know. You have an Eggs and Bacon breakfast with toast. Let's say 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon , and 2 pieces of toast. Sound reasonable right? Ok, for Lunch you are in a hurry cause your on lunch break and want to grab something quick, but you don't want fast food burgers, cool, so you stop at a Chipoltles and get a Festa Bowl, free range chicken, rice beans, some salsa, a little sour cream and cheese. Then you go home and eat supper to end your 3 meal day. Let's say something simple like 2 pieces fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and a great green bean casserole. Now these are just your 3 meals for the day, no snacks or desserts or between meal "picking" nor did we compensate for any added salt from a shaker, or butter, or other sodium based ingredients. Let's get a total.

Sodium By The Numbers

You are more then doubled your new daily allowance of salt/sodium and you never once shook a salt shaker on any of your food. Chances are that being this far over your sodium levels have you en route to the ER in need of serious medical attention that will also lead to a stay of a few days to clear the fluid off your heart and lungs!

 How do we avoid this?  •   How do we know what we can and can not eat?  How do we shop smart? 
  How do we still enjoy food?


Where We Need To Go