So, Can we, Or Can We Not Actually eat at a Fast Food Joint?

Would it really be surprising to you if I said to just avoid all Fast Food Joints? Probably not, we do basically associate Fast Food with unhealthy eating. For the most part 80% of a Fast Food Menu needs to be avoided, but there are a few items that we can actually have without worrying about exceeding our sodium levels. There are also options that you would need to do the math and see where your totals (sodium intake) are at before you decide to order. I have taken a study done by my friends at about the sodium levels of the menus from the most popular fast food place in our locality. You can click on a logo and go to that restaurants menu with sodium levels listed and see for yourself if it is worth it to eat there.

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Written by Christopher Lower, Author, blogger and Low Sodium Advocate
Christopher and His Wife also started the Facebook Group: Hacking Salt